As we all know that IIA keeps on conducting various seminars in schools and colleges, this is one of it. Dr. Sumeet Suseelan and his team members recently conducted Faculty Development Programme in Shri Sankara Vidyalaya School. Today the profession of management teaching has become quite challenging. Business schools teachers are expected to be both effective teachers and Researchers.

A teacher can “teach” all day long and cover an extensive amount of material, but if students haven’t learnt the material, the exercise is an enormous waste of time and energy.

Being an educator is not just about sharing knowledge; it is about making sure that learners truly integrate this Knowledge and derive learning out of it. Any teaching that does not result in effective learning is useless. therefore, to be an effective teacher, one needs to be able to deliver the domain knowledge using the most suitable pedagogical tools. An effective teacher is also required to remain at the frontiers of knowledge in his/her areas of subject expertise and gain working knowledge of other domains as management is essentially interdisciplinary. For this, every teacher needs to continuously upgrade himself/herself by engaging in research. The programme conducted by IIA aimed at enhancing the academic & intellectual environment in the institution.

The programme also included Personality development, Professional grooming, mental hygiene in schools, time management etc. This programme encouraged the teachers to gain knowledge on the subject areas and provide innovative approaches to develop right educational tools for teaching & learning process. The programme helped the teachers to eliminate gap between them & current generation students & therefore raise the quality of teaching process.

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