Career Objective

Seeking an opportunity as a Motivational and Soft Skill Trainer, Researcher and Professor in the feild of communication Skills and Personality Development.

About Mrs. Sangeeta Shrivastava

As an education professional her career objective is to be an enabler to explore and nourish an individual’s best verbal & written skills along with the practical aptitude. She also aspire to develop skills of the student who belongs to the different section of the society in order to meet the basic and advanced level criteria of their career goals along with strengthening their verbal and mental aptitude. She always comes down to the level of students and creates a friendly reputation among them.


  • Certified trainer in emotional intelligence by Spicmacy.
  • Received Expertise Certificate from Veta Language Programme and IELTS Certification.
  • Conducting Language sessions with “SAAR” Publication.
  • Designing and delivering workshops “Ways to Improve Teaching Skills” for School Teachers in Schools.
  • Skill Development Trainer at a Government Aided NGO.